ReddCoin To Hit $1 Soon? Proof Inside

Reddcoin will hit $1 soon.. Let me tell you why and how ? 

What Is ReddCoin?

ReddCoin is a crypto currency that is used as a tipping currency on social platforms such as youtube, Reddit, Facebook Etc.. Think of it like SBD on Steemit, Bassically a way to earn from your viewers. If someone likes your content they can donate to your RDD (Reddcoin) wallet which can be saved or traded for other currencies such as BTC, USD or other Alt coins via an exchange,,

What Will Drive Reddcoin To The Moon?

Before the end of summer ReddCoin intends to drop their chrome extension ( Redd ID) which will be the tool used by content creators in order to trade and donate coins back and fourth seamlessly,,

Redd ID will  allow users to associate a username with rich information including public keys and social network identities.

With Redd Id ReddCoin intends to Eleminate the problem of remembering someones hash key or wallet number ex:(51gh738hg6tgshbhsj73kakkahsbyao6253) by replacing it with a username Choosen by the creator ex: The Wolf Of Crypto, This will make tipping between Cretors and fans as easy as possible.

The Math Behind It All:

ReddCoins current price: .00191731

Current Circulation:  28,555,216,545 RDD

Market Cap:  $54,554,741

What would it take to see $1?: The market cap would have to multiply by 521.56 times

For ReddCoin to be a coin worth a .75 plus it would have to land the number 3 spot on CoinMarketCap overtaking Ripple. Rdd would need to double Ripples current market cap and thats just to get to .75. I am not saying this is impossible just doing the math. We have seen major increases in coins before and I have a feeling that RDD is another great coin that can jump very soon.

With the soon release of the highly anticipated Redd Id platform/extention people will surge towards Rdd hiking the price to the moon. We may not see a dollar quite yet but I see .10-.25 being achived before christmas time. This would be huge for all Reddcoin holders (like myself)

Once RDD gets noticed by big time content creators on youtube and other platforms the price may skyrocket even more. I am not worried about the huge supply of coins simply because the fact that there are billions of people on Facebook and youtube alone who are more than willing to invest to help out the people they watch on a daily basis. Split those coins between them all plus big time whales Buing huge amounts and you have the ability to send RDD past the moon.

My opinion:

I love Steemit and see no world where it cant become bigger than it already is. As long as you produce great content and stay Diligant you will be discovered and money will be made. For RDD coin I am a long time investor and hope to see it shine in its own respect. I would love to live in a world where I could make the most money between all of my favorite platforms. Do I see Redd Coin hitting $1, I do, Just give it time.

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